Newport News students and their parents have a new option for online planning and preparation for future goals in college and career.

Naviance, an online source linked with our schools, helps counselors track and analyze students’ plans and progress. Once registered, students and their parents can access announcements and information about meetings and events, scholarship opportunities and other resources to assist in planning for a bright future.

Middle school students will use Naviance to learn about career clusters—areas of work with related skills and functions—and explore how their own interests and aptitudes intersect with possible careers.

High school students will access Naviance to refine their interests and explore potential postsecondary options to prepare for careers that match their plans. Ultimately, students will use these resources to prepare their resumes as they near graduation.

Parents will soon have the option to create accounts for themselves, and all of the resources are accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

Secondary Naviance Program Opportunities

Naviance Curriculum Lessons include 105 online, self-paced lessons that students can take covering topics such as financial literacy, college planning, career planning, success skills and self-discovery. Naviance Resource Guide highlights the grade-level activities for your student to complete online. Through a partnership with Kaplan, Naviance offers free SAT and Advanced Placement prep. Students may contact their counselors for more information about Naviance.

Naviance: College and Career Assessment

School Counselors have a routine schedule in supporting teachers, families and students.