Social Media Terms of Service

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NNPS Social Media Terms of Service (TOS)

Newport News Public Schools maintains open communication with parents, students, employees and the community. The school district strives to keep the public informed through various print, broadcast and digital mediums, to include several social media channels. The NNPS Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are monitored by the Community Relations Department. These accounts are not monitored 24/7, but are updated intermittently throughout the week from 7:45 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. There are occasions where the accounts will be in use before or after these times to communicate urgent notifications.

NNPS acknowledges that there are times when parents, students, employees or community members may disagree with decisions, policies or procedures. The school district welcomes differing opinions that are expressed in a courteous manner. SPAM posts, profanity and personal attacks will not be tolerated and will subsequently be deleted. NNPS reserves the right to block any user who repeatedly violates these terms of use.

Additional examples of content that may be removed include:

  • Profanity (including acronyms)
  • Personal attacks against any person
  • SPAM or advertising
  • Nudity or pornography
  • Promotion of specific products or political organizations
  • Illegal activities
  • Confidential or private information
  • Violation of any NNPS policies

Please note that the comments and posts expressed by followers on our social media pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions and/or position of Newport News Public Schools, its employees or students.

This information can be updated at any time. For any additional information about commenting protocol, please email the Community Relations Department or call 757-591-4502.