Science Fair Timeline

  • September 30: Begin developing research question and title for project
  • October 10: Get teacher approval for your project
  • October 20: Project implementation (at home)
  • October 25: See Backboard Template from Google classroom, class webpage, or below
  • November 10 Project Complete; complete the presentation
  • November 15: Use ISEF 21 category link to complete the abstract form
    - How to write an abstract
    - 21-category abstract form
  • December: After Individual School Fair, complete the Tidewater Application
  • December 14: Students submit Abstracts to teachers
  • December 14: Tidewater Science Fair application and appropriate ISEF forms submitted to teachers
  • January 6: Teachers will verify names for the science fair program
  • January 28: Newport News Science, Technology, and Engineering Fair - Woodside High School
  • February 28: TSEF Backboards should be completed - see sample below
  • March: Tidewater Science and Engineering Fair (TSEF) - Old Dominion University

Science Fair Project Templates