Literacy at NNPS

NNPS PK-12 Literacy

Success Measures, 2021-2022

The NNPS PK-12 Literacy Plan was designed to support Goal One, Student Success in the NNPS Strategic Plan, Journey 2025. Division-wide collaborative efforts include the identification of our literacy core beliefs, vision, and mission; the development of five action steps through the examination of our current reality, research-based practices, and the development of a four-year literacy plan. The five action steps are the guiding principles for the NNPS Literacy Plan. Strategies that support the action steps guide our daily work to create productive and effective learner experiences and outcomes.

Action Steps

Action Steps

The Success Measures below include accomplishments that were activated during the 2021-2022 school year. As stakeholders review and reflect upon year one success measures, we will continue to progress on our journey to activate, elevate, and extend PK-12 literacy in our schools, community, and beyond.

Develop strong foundational skills in early learners

  • Implemented phonological awareness curriculum daily in every preschool classroom

  • All K-3 teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, interventionists, ESL teachers, and special education teachers participated in LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) Volume 1 Professional Development Course

  • Trained literacy support staff in SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) and provided differentiated instruction to identified K-2 students

  • Provided home-school connection to preschool families via Ready Rosie, a family engagement platform

  • Expanded literacy support staff through Literacy Lab and additional hire

Guarantee equitable opportunities to a viable curriculum, systematic instruction, and resources for all learners

  • Completed an external curriculum audit in grades K-12 in English and Mathematics. The executive summary has been reviewed and departments have prioritized goals for improvement
  • Added an additional 1,100 texts in secondary English classrooms that represent diversity in cultures, perspectives, and authorship
  • Purchased Newsela for grades 2-12 to provide access for teachers to provide supplemental opportunities for reading high-interest, non-fiction articles that are at students' individual readability levels
  • Provided professional development opportunities to enhance Tier I instruction and pedagogy for secondary English teachers
  • Implemented Read 180, a Tier 2 and 3 Intervention at all middle schools
  • Partnered with the Newport News Public Libraries to enable all elementary students to participate in the "Reading is for Life" summer reading challenge. Over 2,800 K-5 students participated and were able to select a book of their choice to take home
  • Purchased over 6,300 books for summer reading for students in grades K-12 in our schools and community. Books were provided at the following locations:
    • All elementary schools for families who registered new students
    • NNPS Mobile Meal Sites
    • All elementary Little Free Libraries outside of each school
    • Boys & Girls Clubs to provide books for summer camps and programs
  • One summer camp project included reading to the animals at the SPCA
    • Books on Bikes at three elementary schools
    • Newport News Parks & Recreation
    • Doris Miller Community Center
    • Middle School Spark
  • Students had an opportunity to "Munch On A Good Book" while selecting a new book during lunch

Ensure access to diverse and culturally represented texts and experiences for all learners

  • Conducted library collection Titlewise diversity audits in most NNPS school libraries. Library Media Specialists set up a diversity profile using, Titlewise Analysis, a tool available through Titlewave.

  • Increased access of ebooks and library books to students.

  • Provided professional development to Library Media Specialists on how to access the Sora Digital Library.

  • Implemented One Book, One Division initiative to promote reading and resilience for all students and staff.

  • Provided access to digital resources to support continued skills practice throughout the summer via the NNPS Summer Learning Portal.

Embed the expansion of literacy skills across all content areas and grades

  • Implemented PK-12 Literacy Playbook that can be used across grades and contents.

  • Implemented Newsela in grades 2-12 across all content areas to provide access to current nonfiction and SEL articles based on students' reading levels.

  • Created opportunities for a Science Literacy Collaborative in elementary schools.


Improve consistency in the use and analysis of assessments