Preschool at NNPS

Preschool at NNPS

Kindergarten Readiness & Transition

To support your child's kindergarten readiness over the summer, we have provided eight weeks of reading, writing, math, and social-emotional development activities. All activities are optional and self-paced to provide flexibility for busy families during the summer months. Activities are meant to be adaptable, if necessary, for your child's unique developmental needs and can be revisited and repeated as many times as your child wants or needs. You will also find suggested books to read, websites to check out, and places to visit.

Access the summer learning activities by visiting the NNPS Summer Learning Portal or click here to download the printable document (en español).

Parents also have some "getting ready" to do! View the NNPS Getting Ready for Kindergarten webinar (en español) which provides general, but thorough information about your child's upcoming kindergarten year in NNPS. The webinar highlights differences between preschool and kindergarten you can expect, requirements to be aware of, and ideas for how you can help prepare your rising kindergartener to have a successful kindergarten experience.

Don't forget that the most important experience is to have fun together!

Please call the NNPS Preschool Office: 757-283-7850 ext. 10247 or email us at [email protected].

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