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Math Department

Mathematics Department

Mathematics is a survival skill that transfers to all professions in today’s work force providing an avenue and a process for solving everyday problem situations.  Through math, we look for patterns and learn to analyze, make decisions, strive for accuracy, and persevere.  Mathematics connects to and enhances all areas of life from music and art to engineering and natural sciences.

The vision of the NNPS Mathematics Department is for all students to acquire the rigorous mathematical knowledge and skills needed for their next grade level, to pursue higher education, to compete in a technologically sophisticated work force, and to be informed problem solving citizens.

The mission of the NNPS Mathematics Department is for all students to become mathematical problem solvers, communicating mathematically, reasoning mathematically, making mathematical connections, and using mathematical representations to model and interpret practical situations in order to become productive and globally competitive citizens.

Virginia and NNPS Mathematics Program Goals

Introduction to the Virginia Standards of Learning

Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions

NNPS Secondary Mathematics Course Sequencing

Secondary Mathematics Course Offerings