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Employers for Learning


About the Program

The Employers for Learning program aims to support businesses as they create workplace policies that clearly support education and help employees to better balance home and work. Thirty years of research shows that when family and community members are directly involved in education, children thrive. They are better behaved, earn better grades, comprehend more of what they read, graduate at a higher rate, and are more likely to enroll in higher education.

With survey after survey showing that working parents are finding it increasingly more difficult to participate in their children's education, both at school and at home, businesses are recognizing that they must do more. Companies throughout the nation are finding that by instituting family-friendly policies, they have increased recruitment, retention, and productivity.

To encourage local businesses to promote the importance of education and help their employees take a more active role in their children's educational activities, the Newport News school division and the Newport News Educational Foundation launched the Employers for Learning program at a Business and Education Summit in November 1999.

Business representatives who are interested in joining the program are given materials on starting an Employers for Learning program and asked to pledge that they will develop or continue initiatives that assist employees in supporting their children's education. The business leaders who sign the pledge designate an Education Liaison to work with the school division, which provides support and resources.

Support from NNPS

To help businesses jump start their Employers for Learning program, the school division has put together an information packet for liaisons, which includes a detailed resource CD-ROM. The information packet and CD include items for employers to use in their newsletters, such as articles for parents on homework and test-taking. They also include ideas businesses can use right away to support working parents, such as holding "brown bag" workshops on school topics and allowing employees to use company technology for school-related purposes.

The school division sends liaisons a monthly e-mail newsletter which provides parent tips, ideas, and information. NNPS also hosts periodic meetings for liaisons to assist them in planning their programs.

Interested in getting involved? Visit the Starting your program section.