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COVID-19 Information

Newport News Public Schools is committed to the health and wellbeing of all students and staff.

Before any student could return to in-person instruction, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) required each school division to develop a health plan. The NNPS health plan includes daily self-health screenings; communication with staff, students and families; mitigation behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19; and the use of face covering and social distancing.

Each NNPS staff member is required to conduct a self-assessment/health screening each day before reporting to work. When students report to school for in-person learning, all parents/guardians are required to conduct a health screening of their child each day before the child reports to school or boards a school bus.

All staff and students are required to wear a face mask while inside the building when school is in session. Students must also wear face coverings while riding the school bus. Disposable masks will be available for employees and students who report to work or arrive at school without their own face covering.

Newport News Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard

Return to Learn Metrics

Newport News Public Schools will implement its Return to Learn Plan based on the state's updated and consolidated Interim Guidance for Reopening PreK-12 Schools released on January 14, 2021 and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) three core indicators (mitigation assessment, 14 day case incidence and/or test positivity) to assess the risk of transmission in schools and to inform decisions about school programming.

The state's interim guidance serves as a guide for Newport News Public Schools reopening and closing decisions:

  1. Self-assessment of implementation of mitigation strategies
  2. Determine the level of impact that COVID-19 has on a specific school or schools
  3. Determine the level of COVID-19 community transmission
  4. Understanding community needs
  5. Decide which student groups to include for in-person learning and the timeline for phasing in additional groups

Level of School Impact

Criteria to Consider
Transmission within school
Zero or sporadic cases with no evidence of transmission in school.
Two outbreaks within a short time period or sporadic outbreaks in school. Size of outbreaks remains small.
Several outbreaks in school within short time period; size of outbreaks is large or scope of outbreaks is significant (e.g., multiple classrooms or grade levels are impacted).
Student Absenteeism
At baseline/low
Slightly above baseline
Staff Capacity

NNPS Level of School Impact

Criteria to Consider
If the level of school impact is within this category
If the level of school impact is within this category
If the level of school impact is within this category
Transmission within school

NNPS will ensure the following:

VIRTUAL INSTRUCTION: Virtual Instruction will remain available for all students.

HYBRID IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION: A phased approach to in-person instruction is permitted under these conditions.

STUDENT ATHLETICS/ACTIVITIES: Student athletics and activities are permitted. Schools are required to develop and communicate safety procedures prior to beginning any activities.

Student groups are encouraged to meet virtually. Student in-person events will require building level approval and a safety plan.

NNPS will ensure the following:

VIRTUAL INSTRUCTION: Virtual Instruction will remain available for all students.

HYBRID IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION: NNPS will assess the ability to provide in-person instruction and other activities. Hybrid instruction can continue with increased emphasis on mitigation strategies.

STUDENT ATHLETICS/ACTIVITIES: NNPS will assess the ability to host athletics and activities.

NNPS will ensure the following:

VIRTUAL INSTRUCTION: Virtual Instruction will remain available for all students.

HYBRID IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION: NNPS will temporarily suspend hybrid instruction and all students will move to virtual instruction until further notice.

STUDENT ATHLETICS/ACTIVITIES: Student athletics and any student activities meeting in person will be suspended until further notice.

Newport News Public Schools will continue to monitor COVID-19 community transmission. The health metrics provided below will be updated weekly based on data from the Virginia Department of Health, which evaluates statistics for one week to identify reliable trends. Newport News Public Schools monitors Eastern region, Peninsula and Newport News transmission data.

The chart below indicates a one-week trend mark provided by the Peninsula Health District, and therefore will not necessarily align to the daily updates on the VDH school metrics website.

(Last updated July 20, 2021.)

More information
More information
More information
More information
More information

Core Indicators

More information Number of new cases per 100,000 persons within the last 7 days*
5 to <20
20 to <50
50 to ≤200
Eastern Region
Newport News
More information Percentage of RT-PCR tests that are positive during the last 7 days**
3% to <5%
5% to <8%
8% to ≤10%
Eastern Region
Newport News
More information Ability of NNPS to implement 5 key mitigation strategies.
Implemented all 5 strategies correctly and consistently
Implemented all 5 strategies correctly but inconsistently
Implemented 3-4 strategies correctly and consistently
Implemented 1-2 strategies correctly and consistently
Implemented no strategies
Newport News Public Schools
Transmission Rate Key Code:
= Decreasing
= Fluctuating
= Increasing

The CDC has determined that consistent implementation of the five safety measures will lower the risk of exposure to the SARS Coronavirus:

  1. Social Distancing (recommended 3-6 foot separation)
  2. Wearing of face coverings and instruction on respiratory etiquette
  3. Hand-washing
  4. Sanitizing and frequent cleaning of surface areas
  5. Contact tracing protocols and tracking

NNPS COVID Statistics (since September 8, 2020)

Response and Reporting Protocol
The Health Services Department has identified procedures and actions to respond to the determination of suspected and diagnosed cases of COVID-19, and possible and identified close contacts. These protocols may necessitate waiting for medical/testing confirmation and may identify some unfounded cases and contacts that will not be included on the dashboard.

Positive Cases
Positive case data reflects staff members who are working in an NNPS building and students who are learning or participating in an approved activity in an NNPS building, and are or were in isolation for 10 days due to a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 by a medical provider or positive test.

Please note that dates reflect the day that the individual was classified as meeting the case definition for COVID-19 and not the date an individual became ill.

The COVID-19 case data provided below is updated weekly. (Last updated July 20, 2021.)



Staff Working On-Site


Staff Positive COVID-19 Tests



Students Learning On-Site


Student Positive COVID-19 Tests

Cases Confirmed July 12-16, 2021 Employees: 0 Students: 1
Data by School/Location (click here)
Location Staff Positive Students Positive Most Recent Reported Case
Admin Building 6 2/16
Operations 40 5/24
Staff Support (SSC) 4 3/18
Denbigh ECC 2 5 4/12
Lee Hall ECC 6
Marshall ELC 3 3 5/4
Watkins ECC 4 3 6/24
Gatewood PEEP
Achievable Dream Academy 6 3 5/18
Carver Elementary 1 1 5/18
Charles Elementary 1 9/16
Deer Park Elementary 1 5/6
Discovery STEM 4 1 3/8
Dutrow Elementary 3 1/10
Epes Elementary 1 2 4/23
Gen. Stanford Elementary 3 3/1
Greenwood Elementary 2 1 3/26
Hidenwood Elementary 4 1 4/22
Hilton Elementary 4 2 5/25
Jenkins Elementary 2 4 5/24
Kiln Creek Elementary 2 4 5/6
Lee Hall Elementary 5 1 2/24
McIntosh Elementary 1 3 5/81
Nelson Elementary 3 3 3/24
Newsome Park Elementary 2 1 5/9
Palmer Elementary 2 1 4/30
Richneck Elementary 5 1 4/12
Riverside Elementary 3 11 6/1
Sanford Elementary 2 4 5/28
Saunders Elementary 7 2 5/18
Sedgefield Elementary 4 3 3/26
Yates Elementary 1 1 3/18
Ach. Dream Middle & High 4 3 5/3
Crittenden Middle 4 4 5/20
Dozier Middle 2 1 3/26
Gildersleeve Middle 5 6 4/30
Hines Middle 2 2 5/17
Huntington Middle 1 2/11
Passage Middle 4 5 5/10
BT Washington Middle 1 1 5/19
Denbigh High 6 7 5/11
Heritage High 4 19 7/12
Menchville High 2 7 4/12
Warwick High 6 3 6/30
Woodside High 8 8 6/14
Aviation Academy
Enterprise Academy
Juvenile Detention
New Horizons
Point Option
Telecomm (NNPS-TV) 1 3/1
So.Morrison Learning Ctr. 2 2/3
Denbigh Learning Center

The data above does not reflect staff members or students with suspected or COVID-like illnesses with no confirmation, staff and students who are working or learning remotely, or the number of close contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19 who have been asked to quarantine for 14 days.

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Key Mitigation Strategies Implemented at All Schools

NNPS has implemented the following mitigation measures to ensure the safety of staff and students:

  • Daily COVID-19 Symptom Self-Screening (required for all staff and students)
  • Consistent use of masks in all building and on school buses
  • Social distancing of at least 3-6 feet
  • Student cohorts wherever possible (to support reduced interactions)
  • Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
  • Consistent cleaning and disinfection
  • Air purification systems (where HVAC systems do not meet current ASHRAE standards)
  • In-classroom health stations (cleaning supplies, hand-sanitizer, hand soap, disinfectant wipes and masks)
  • Desk shields for use with small group instruction
  • PPE for staff where needed (face shields, gloves, gowns)
  • COVID-19 isolation and parent/guardian pickup room
  • Contact tracing in collaboration with local health district
  • Encouraging students and staff to receive the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine (available for age 12 and up)

Health & Safety

The NNPS health plan addresses daily health screenings, physical distancing on buses and in classrooms, social distancing; cleaning and disinfecting, the use of face coverings; and restricts mixing groups of students, large gatherings and the use of communal spaces (cafeterias, gyms, auditoriums).

Health & Safety FAQ

Student, Staff & Visitor Self-Screening Questionnaires: Staff, students and visitors must conduct a self-screening questionnaire before coming to school or reporting to their worksite.

Protect Yourself and Others, click for more information from the CDC