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Newport News Public Schools and the Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

NNPS and the Coronavirus: What you need to know

Important Information about SOL Testing and Verified Credits

Posted: May 21, 2020

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With the closing of schools due to COVID-19, many students and families have questions about how the cancellation of Standards of Learning (SOL) testing will impact students.

Students who are enrolled in and successfully complete a course that would have culminated in a SOL test administration in Spring 2020 will be eligible for an emergency Locally Awarded Verified Credit (LAVC) in that course. Students must earn a passing grade in both semesters of the course to be considered for the emergency LAVC. A grade of Incomplete does not satisfy the requirements for passing the course. Families of middle school students currently enrolled in a high school credit course such as Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or Earth Science, and families of high school students are strongly encouraged to visit the site for student specific guidance. NNPS highly recommends that seniors and their parents/guardians familiarize themselves with this important information and how it may impact graduation requirements.

To assist students and families, Newport News Public Schools Testing Department has developed an easy-to-use, interactive site to provide information about SOL tests that were scheduled this spring, and the waivers and verified credits that can be issued to qualifying students for classes that have end-of-course assessments.

To access the site, please visit:

Questions about verified credits and graduation requirements may be directed to your school counselor.

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For timely, accurate information on the coronavirus, please visit:

Employee Rights under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (pdf)